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To learn to trust is important on this journey for you are bound to find yourself in places and dimensions, facing experiences that are unfamiliar. Of course to develop trust one has to become honorable and trustworthy oneself. To become

Purple Light Matrix Will Conquer All

This picture here below blew me away, it is 100% accurate. There is a purple light grid forming and even the cubes that are suggested in the pic’ are accurate. The grid is falling into place across the globe. I

The Healing Feeling

A lady at one of the healings in Ireland wrote me an email about her experiences of the Purple Light when she was in Wexford. The light is mysterious, people see it and feel it in different ways. You have

A NY Policeman’s Kindness


Fortitude is linked to honor in a way that you may not have thought about before. If you are covertly dishonorable there will be a fracture in your etheric like a diagonal line that moves very fast in a shifty