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The Mysterious Little Bottle

I saw a vision of a hand going into my suitcase it pointed to a little bottle in the netting at the back of the case. Then a few minutes later I saw the vision again and the hand was

Remote Healings with the Prayer Cards

I don’t do remote healings because all my healings are free and I don’t accept donations. If I offered remote healings, I’d be swamped with requests. I already work seven days a week, there is no 8th day in the

The Wilde Weekly–The Mysterious Gardener

The Weekly Wilde is the Mysterious Gardener…it’s over at It’s from Stuart’s book of the old sages of China, “Plum Red”, click ad here to read more…   Plum Red – Taoist Tales of Old China by Stuart Wilde

Dear Readers, Thank you for Your Support

Dear Readers, Thank you so much for being here this past year with me. You clicked my articles over to the social sites 1264 times last week. That is extraordinary …keep up the good work. I’m very grateful. I’m trying

New Year’s Resolutions

A Different Way of Resolutions.   I wanted to make a New Year’s Resolution but a neighbor poisoned our dog, and a gunman attacked a nearby cottage and robbed it, and another neighbor had her car doors kicked in. And