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The Courage to Create

The white canvas of snow is now melting and the crocuses are pushing their painted heads out of the earth and signalling that spring is upon us, it’s time to follow the guidance of Gaia and get creative. Creativity is

Fighting off the Dark Neighbours

One of our readers explained how she fought against the black attention of her dark neighbours. I thought what she saw was very interesting, as she made a stand against forces that were making her feel unwell. Letter from a

People Doing Silly Things

Some of these are so funny. (Vid’ 18.50 mins) Stuart Wilde   Spirituality and the Lightness of Being by Stuart Wilde “There is much heaviness in the world which comes from people’s self-importance, the injustice, the pollution, the bling.

Spring Clean your Resonance

Here are some things that you might find helpful, as Spring approaches. They may not be new to you but try to do them over the next week or so, as a kind of ‘Spring Clean’ of your energy. I am certain you will

The Wilde Weekly: Ballet Lessons

This Week’s ‘Wilde Weekly’ is called, Ballet Lessons. It’s a story of softness. It’s over at zen-haven: