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The Prayer Table

I’m having a programmer build a prayer table for us to use. You mount a pic of yourself or someone you would like to pray for and a nickname or a real name, and then your image goes into a

Love & Laughter

Laughter is a form of love and a very powerful medicine. We find reasons to laugh many times a day. Sometimes I tell my friends funny stories and soon the whole room is filled with the warmth of the fire


It is very important that you now start to believe in your divinity if you do not already do so. Look in the mirror and say to yourself in a whisper “I am the way, the truth and the light.”

One For The Ladies

A little girl’s priceless reaction to her birthday surprise…. vid’ (2:57 mins).  Watch till the end to see the best bit.

The Wilde Weekly: The Spiritual Evolution of Animals

This week’s Wilde Weekly the Spiritual Evolution of Animals is over at Click Here for Article   Stuart Wilde – The Sacred Tears of Gaia Find Stuart Wilde’s latest album, The Mystery of the Sacred O, the Agua Sulis