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Healing with Sound: The Tranformational Aspects of Music

Jill Mattson, Guest Writer Waking Times The field of Sound Healing is a rapidly growing discipline that is recently attracting a lot of interest. Many of the techniques that are employed stem from ancient traditions. Modern scientific research, however, is

What a Week–Listlessness Explained

What a week! I made more progress in seven days than I have made in seven months or even seven years. I saw the chalice of the Holy Grail in the sky, things suddenly became very clear. Then I saw

Everything is Purple

By Stuart Wilde I wrote about finding the Holy Grail as I saw it again on a beautiful Aya’ journey I did this weekend in Holland with Tom Lishman and his people. Then driving home on the freeway, I saw

Lady GaGa and Satanism

I mentioned some months ago about Lady Gaga and her Illuminati symbols and the Satanism in her shows. Here below is a new video (2.56 mins) of her talking about her making Satanic threats to people. I’d love to take

Help your Heart

I was in an Irish pub recently listening to a traditional band when a young lad about twenty came up to me and he held my hand to his heart and he asked me if I was okay. I told