Category: Etheric Fields

The Color of Music

I went west to listen to some Irish trad’ bands, I like their music, it has a lot of pathos and feeling and the rhythms move me. I made some Irish albums ten years ago, I really enjoyed it. Music

Band of Darkness

Humans are surrounded by two rings of darkness, there is only one ring pictured here, because I later saw that the two rings were placed one on top of the other. In looking down from above there is only one

Magnetic Poles

Here’s an article on the possible shift of the earth’s magnetic poles. It’s rather interesting. SW

Non-Solid Humans

I’ve said we have seen people dematerialize over one thousand times. It is a fact, humans are solid and not solid at the same time. A Partial Dematerialization The dematerialization is hard to photograph as the person is not there

Fractal Update

People say they loved the fractal video from the Nova PBS show I posted. I’ll do a fractal follow up in a few days and I’ll talk about how we see the fractals in the Aluna. Thanks Stuart Wilde Blue