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The Mystery of Gaia & the Animals

This is the second of a series I’m doing on the Spirit of Nature (Gaia) and the power of the mystical animals. SW Gaia is professor Lovelock’s term for the spirit of nature. That collective spirit of nature is highly

How Does it all End?

Sorry this is a bit long but I think you’ll find it very interesting. First, how did it get this way? A group of people attempted to control the world because they saw themselves as very special, they had no

The Violet Light Technology

My ol’ teacher said the energy of the Sages of the Plum Red robes in China in the 500-250 B.C. era, allowed them to enter a village and change the evolution of the people there by just sitting at the village

One-Eye Illuminati Symbols, Olympics Threat (Stuart Wilde)

Here below is a video that talks about the symbol of the eye used at the Olympics. People believe there will be a fake terrorist attack at that time. The video shows how the word ZION was part of the

There is No Spoon – Pixilated Jesus

The visions of Jesus I see continue every day. I also saw a vision of Padre Pio, he came forward and kissed the palm of my right hand, it was so tender and moving. Yesterday I saw a vision of