Category: Etheric Fields

Communicating Silently

I have come to know through watching the etheric state (the bioelectric energy field we walk around in) that we are all in a silent, subliminal dialogue with each other. I’ve observed the flashes of energy that pass back and

Subtle Fields

Humans are subjected to subtle fields of energy electromagnetic pulses, electricity, air pressure and there are also etheric life force field people give off and then there are the celestial fields that we have learned a lot about over the

The Hospitalers

The Knights of St. John of Malta were known as the Hospitalers (pronounced hos-pita-lers). They were warrior knights as well as medics. They defended the routes to the Holy Land and they set up hospitals for the crusaders and pilgrims

Etheric Life Force Field

All living things have a life force field around them. It is generated in humans because of the electrical impulses in the brain and in the nervous system, and the beating heart. The field responds to emotion. In the olden

Cleaning Etheric Dirt

The life force field around us (the etheric) gets dirty. It’s the impact of people you pass on the street. And it is microscopic ghouls in your hair and on your skin. Get in a bath and put lavender oil