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The Reversed C Anomaly–the Christos Anomaly

The Christos anomaly is a phenomena that occurs when the edge of two dimensional curves overlap each other. So, imagine the curve on the left is the edge of our three dimensions (vectors) and the one on the right comes

British Papers Unfairly Trashing Icke

David Icke appeared at Wembley on Saturday for an 10 hours of lectures. The Daily Telegraph and the Sun newspapers trashed him as a nutter. The journalists can’t hear what he’s saying. The Sun made a big issue about the

The Two Evolutions of Humanity

I am sorry this article is a bit long, but I’m sure you will find it inspirational and informative, if you have time. You might remember I wrote in “Whispering Winds of Change,” in 1996, that the world would split

Why Thoughts Jump

Humans are surrounded by a force field that is sometimes called the etheric field. It goes out about 18 inches from your body, but it can spike 20-30 feet across a street say, if driven by intense emotions. The field

Dimensions in the Delta Brain Wave

The reason humans can’t see the dimensions around them is because their brain cells are oscillating too fast. In the waking state they are going at 7-14 cycles a second, in the trance meditative state they are at about 4-7