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Lady GaGa and Satanism

I mentioned some months ago about Lady Gaga and her Illuminati symbols and the Satanism in her shows. Here below is a new video (2.56 mins) of her talking about her making Satanic threats to people. I’d love to take

St. George

I discovered some years ago that humans are surrounded by two bands of darkness that I named the inner and outer matrix. The inner matrix is the thoughts of evil humans, which looks like black soot, I call it the

Smart Meters Kill Plants

People object to smart meters as the radiation makes them sick, but the meters telegraph private details about the user that thieves and bandits can use, like they will know when you are in using electricity and when you are

The Strange Beauty of Miracle Healings

I’ve done over 4000 healings in the last five months, I don’t give out my email at the healings, but some people know it because they have bought mail order items from us, or they have attended a seminar gig. They

The Celestial Breath

Many of the people that were in my Redeemers Club (2006-2008) later developed ESP, and the power to see visions, and extraordinary abilities. Some others got the power later at the other gigs. One ability that has fascinated me is