Category: Eternal Tao / Nature Spirits

The Whisperers

The story of the horse whisperers always fascinated me for one can see in the Aluna that animals talk by mental telepathy, and they have emotions and feelings, and they are part of family units with a great amount of

When Giants Walked the Earth

In the Aluna world, we see humans 10-12 feet high. There are some that are very good looking that seem to have a secret mission on earth, I called them the Tall Boys. There are also tall females, but I

Avalon Dreaming–They All Come Back

I was at the lake of Avalon eight years ago sitting on a rock watching the water. I was a bit sad, dear friends had gotten lost and fallen away. Others had been captured by importance, glamor and the ghouls.

Eternal Tao & The Mysterious Female

The concept of the Tao as a river of light in all things, was a very advanced concept when the idea was first suggested in 500 BC. Very few people could read in those days and beliefs were very rudimentary,

Ancilla and the Celestial Forces

In the Rossetti painting called Ancilla an angel is presenting a young woman with a flower. Some of those Ancilla angels have taken a position next to me in the Aluna close to my right side. There’s more than one