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The Golden Compass

I just watched the film “The Golden Compass” based on a book by Philip Pullman, each human has a soul that is represented by an animal that follows them around. The animal souls are so cute. The heroes fight the

Taoist Tapping Ceremony Ireland Winter Solstice 2012

  Details of the annual Taoist Tapping Ceremony, December 19th- 23rd, held in Ireland with Stuart Wilde are now up. click Tapping Ceremony  © 2012 — Stuart Wilde. — All rights reserved.  

Nature Spirits

Most people don’t believe in nature spirits and to talk about them often invites ridicule. What image we have of them has usually been corrupted by misinformation. For example, we often think of fairies as small, diaphanous, human-like beings, that

The Mystery of Gaia & the Animals

This is the second of a series I’m doing on the Spirit of Nature (Gaia) and the power of the mystical animals. SW Gaia is professor Lovelock’s term for the spirit of nature. That collective spirit of nature is highly

Protection – The Mystical Animals

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been sending free stuff to the SW A-List members that are protection tools. One lady took the warrior’s prayer laminated card and she held it against her body where she had pain and