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Gerald Celente On Korea, and the Cyprus Bank Heist

Gerald Celente on North Korea and the American industrial war machine that hasn’t won a war since World War II… and he talks about the Cyprus bank heist. Gerald is always so interesting. Stuart Wilde. Stuart Wilde Books & CDs

Cyprus Reaches Banking Deal, Should Be Safe For At Least a Few Hours

Source To the surprise of no one, Cyprus reached a deal at the very last second to bail out its banking system. The Financial Times has the basics: Under the outlines of the deal, depositors with accounts worth less

Bitcoin: the Fastest Growing Currency in the World – video

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Cyprus Haircuts

The EU ordered Cyprus to steal 9.6% from people’s banks accounts. People were shocked and outraged. There were a few riots but the Cypriots aren’t very good at rioting, Koreans are Number 1 at rioting. The banks are still shut

One Hundred Trillion Dollars

Today, you can buy a one hundred trillion dollar banknote from Zimbabwe on Amazon for US $0.90 (plus $4.94 shipping). Hyperinflation involves shipping and postage it seems. SW ( Attracting Money by Stuart Wilde “Create a Life of Financial Freedom.