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Gerald Celente On Korea, and the Cyprus Bank Heist

Gerald Celente on North Korea and the American industrial war machine that hasn’t won a war since World War II… and he talks about the Cyprus bank heist. Gerald is…


Cyprus Reaches Banking Deal, Should Be Safe For At Least a Few Hours

Source To the surprise of no one, Cyprus reached a deal at the very last second to bail out its banking system. The Financial Times has the basics: Under…


Bitcoin: the Fastest Growing Currency in the World – video

Bitcoin article:   Stuart Wilde – Now Available in Kindle Editions Read your favorite Stuart Wilde books on Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Smartphones, PC, Mac, and other digital devices…

Kipper Williams on Cyprus

Cyprus Haircuts

The EU ordered Cyprus to steal 9.6% from people’s banks accounts. People were shocked and outraged. There were a few riots but the Cypriots aren’t very good at rioting, Koreans…


One Hundred Trillion Dollars

Today, you can buy a one hundred trillion dollar banknote from Zimbabwe on Amazon for US $0.90 (plus $4.94 shipping). Hyperinflation involves shipping and postage it seems. SW ( Attracting…

JPMorgan Chase Hiring

Chase Customers See Bank Balance Reduced to Zero

Customers of Chase saw their balances rubbed out to zero. “Computer glitch”, said the bank. “Dry run”, said Stuie W. “Chase” refers to the customers running after their money. Stuart…


Abby Martin on Wealth Inequality in America

Abby Martin takes a look at wealth inequality in the US, comparing record profits on Wall Street to the economic hardships felt by average Americans and highlights Switzerland as an…

Keep Your Money Safe

Cyprus has gone belly up owing money to the International Monetary Fund and other global money lenders. They came up with an austerity plan but it’s not enough to satisfy…


Economic Implosion Gerald Celente

  Gerald Celente is a well known forecaster who publishes the Trends Journal. Here below he’s talking about current trends with Alex Jones and the possibility of economic implosion….


The Wilde Weekly: Insights Into Money and Empire

The Weekly Wilde is at it’s money and the empire this week. Stuart Wilde. Click: