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Uprising in NY

I saw a vision of war in New York, civilians versus the government. People are furious with the Federal Reserve, Bernanke and the bent banks, I suppose all the lies must die in the end. I feel sorry for the

Gold Price Manipulation

Here’s an article about how the gold price has been manipulated there is a video included. It also talks about how Wall Street has colluded to manipulate the prices of silver down. SW © 2012 — Stuart Wilde. — All

Eurozone Money Flop

The Euro has been falling out of bed. Nine months ago it took US $1.45 cent to buy one Euro, now it only takes $1.2270. So if you had wanted a couple of fancy German cars for $145,000, you can

Stock Operators –Oil Long

I went a small bet long on oil, expecting a conflict in the Straits of Hormuz. Now the parliament in Iran is passing a law to close the Straits as a reaction to the oil embargo placed on it by

Bank Scams

A chap I went to school with Marcus Agius, has resigned as Chairman of Barclays Bank after they were found guilty and fined £290 billion in a banking interest scam. Forty other banks are under investigation including RBS, who closed