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Visa Ordered to Pay Wikileaks Fine of $204K/month

Source   (RT)   Iceland’s Supreme Court has ruled that Valitor (formerly Visa Iceland) must pay WikiLeaks $204,900 per month or $2,494,604 per year in fines if it continues to…


The Secret World of Gold

This is a fascinating documentary that looks into the gold that is missing from central banks in the world. This is gold that has been stolen or otherwise misappropriated.  Stuart…

George Soros

Reuters Releases George Soros Obituary By Mistake

Source:  Tyler Durdan Reuters Releases George Soros Obituary By Mistake: “Enigmatic Financier, Liberal Philanthropist Dies At XXX Reuters erroneously published an advance obituary of financier and philanthropist George Soros. A…


Currency Collapse

It’s hard to comprehend a currency collapsing, but it’s not an  uncommon event as countries manipulate paper printing, and people lose faith in corrupt governments and/or politics swamps the local…


Max Keiser “Cyprus, Gold and Bit coins”

A Max Keiser video on gold, Bitcoins etc always entertaining. He talks about the Federal Reserve admitting they have been giving inside information to the Wall Street banks. SW


Fraudulent Accounting at Irish Banks

Max Keiser talks to investigator Reggie Middleton (see video below), who has discovered and published details of systematic accounting fraud and debt concealment in Irish banks especially AIB, the Allied…

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Feds Orchestrated Gold Smash

My Dear Extended Family, From Jim Sinclair Courtesy of Today a former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury told King World News that the smash in gold and silver…

Jim Sinclair

Important Developments in Gold and Silver

  Here is a piece below by the gold guru Jim Sinclair about how the crisis in the yen will drive gold and silver up. Stuart Wilde    …


Down the Pan in Japan

Japan is in deep doo doo. They have massive debts and the tsunami affected them greatly. The yen has fallen 10-12% in a month, which is a lot, their debt…


Feds Desperate …Hitting Gold and Silver

Countries round the world are dumping the dollar in thier bilateral trade with each other. Australia has just agreed to deal with China in their own two currencies. Here below…