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Gollums in Wellington NZ

The authorities in Wellington NZ have erected an oversized Gollum from the Lord of the Rings in the airport. People’s ignorance puts others in danger. I explained in a recent article about Spielberg’s disservice to children with his ET film.

The Realm of the Fearless

A friend of mine saw a ghoul on an Ayahuasca journey. You see the light and the dark on Aya’, it’s part of the plant’s teaching to make you more sophisticated in your understanding. The ghoul she saw was quite

Ancient Mysteries – Cone Head Skulls

Hundreds of these cone head skulls have been found in S. America. They are obviously a DNA strand that is different to our DNA. The mystery is what did the cone head women look like? They must have been massive

Dimensions in the Delta Brain Wave

The reason humans can’t see the dimensions around them is because their brain cells are oscillating too fast. In the waking state they are going at 7-14 cycles a second, in the trance meditative state they are at about 4-7

Jesus & the Pig

I saw a vision of Jesus forty feet high, he was on Burrard Street in Vancouver, he had a pig under his arm. It may sound rather bizarre but there is a very deep meaning to it. In 2001 a