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Santiago UFO Cluster

I don’t usually post UFOs stories as it not good to concentrate on them, but most of the UFOs are in South America because one of their aims is “soul capture” through fascination. And they can’t abduct people etherically unless

Bubbling Lakes and New Explosions

Reports of lakes starting to bubble as they release gas trapped underground and some new explosions. See video below and the list of the explosions posted over the last few days. Stuart Wilde Mysterious bubbles and houses shifting: One

Why the Ground Liquefies

Sometimes the ground liquefies during an earthquake, but there is another common cause that is not connected to earthquakes. When the Morph phenomena began in 2001, the walls went soapy-looking and people dematerialized in broad daylight. Reality went from solid

More Spontaneous Combustion NZ home Explodes

Here is a list of a few of the spontaneous explosions over the last few days. Some may be of natural causes, some not, but there are so many nowadays, they are interesting to track. I said ages ago buildings

Virgin Mary Apparition in the Sky in Africa

I said many years ago that the Hovering Madonnas were coming, and that there would be three of them, one in Africa, one in Russia and one in South America some place. Here is an African one so that you