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Man Builds Hobbit House for Just £3,000

Finished article: Simon Dale’s family home, made with his bare hands FED UP with huge mortgage payments, one family decided to take matters literally into their own hands and build…

New Matrix of Purple Light... Evil Shall Not Enter

Purple Light Matrix Will Conquer All

This picture here below blew me away, it is 100% accurate. There is a purple light grid forming and even the cubes that are suggested in the pic’ are accurate….


I Can Relax Ams’ Dec 8th (Sold Out), Dec 16th Gig Tickets Available

Thanks Guys. I can relax. December 8th Amsterdam is all SOLD OUT. The door price is Euro 300. But I added one Mates Rate ticket Euro 150 and one VIP…

Feb 8.DrHelenCaldicott

Dr. Helen Caldicott, Nuclear Radiation, Fukushima & Freedom of Speech

I saw a vision of Dr. Helen Caldicott, she is a Nobel prize winning doctor from Australia. (See video below). I admire her greatly, she’s brave and strong. She’s willing…


Ernest Holmes–Vision, Science of Mind & My Most Embarrassing Moment

I saw a vision of Ernest Holmes he was one of the early light people, like Edgar Cayce. He was the founder of a Spiritual movement known as Religious Science,…

SW_Alternative Media

The Massive Power of the Alternative Media

The big media networks NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN are dying, and the BBC in London has been ridiculed into submission because of their biased reporting of the Middle East…


Last Chance Saloon–For Cheap Tickets …Amsterdam Dec 8th 4 tickets left

The mates rates tickets, 150 euros for the Ams’ gig Dec 8th, have gone up by a few (now 4 left) as some people have upgraded to the VIP deal…


How Secure is Your Password?

Go to this site below and enter your password and see how long it would take to crack. The results are so interesting. One password I use sometimes for unimportant…

The Quickening

I watched a video at called “The Quickening”. I clicked it as it is the same title as of one of my books. It talks about the global shift of…


The Normality of Change

We live in a dynamic universe nothing stays the same, change is normal. Sometimes it makes sense to go to a lower level of operating, downsizing, it may be hard for…