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I’ve Had a Big Day today

Some People are Mad and Brave as Well

You might have seen this amazing jump before (25 seconds) but I thought to put it up, it’s beyond extraordinary. Humans are amazing. I’ve since been told it is a fake but I find it fun to watch….Stuart Wilde

Conversation of Higher Consciousness

5.38 sec of a conversation about higher consciousness in the film ‘My Dinner with Andre”. Click below. This is utterly brilliant. The film was made in 1981 but it expresses exactly what we are going through today. Well worth a

How to Discover Your Life Purpose in About 20 Minutes Steve Pavalina  How do you discover your real purpose in life? I’m not talking about your job, your daily responsibilities, or even your long-term goals. I mean the real reason why you’re here at all — the very

Departing the Grand Illusion

By Stuart Wilde. I have to troll through hundreds of Internet articles looking for interesting tidbits my readers might enjoy. But it is a dark process reading about the New World Order, chemtrails, the Fascist state, the life and times