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The Eunuch

A eunuch goes to a building site for a job. The foreman said,  “I can’t hire you because you are a eunuch”. The eunuch replied, “I may be a eunuch…


Obama is on Fire

Alicia Keys singing “Obama’s on fire” (1.19 mins), which of course would cheer us up enormously. I don’t think performers should wind people up with false promises, we have to…


Light Up My Life – French TV Commercial

Contrex, the French company rolled out a bottled water ad commercial (You Tube video 1.39 mins) of lady’s on pink exercise bikes, it has a quirky twist. © Stuart Wilde…


The Three Monopolies–Ideas, Finance and Violence

This video is called, “The Death Throes of the United States” but it doesn’t talk about that much. Instead the narrator discusses what he calls, “The Three Monopolies”. The monopoly…


Canine Consciousness

We’ve recently been looking after our friend’s dog. We love her dearly, but we are having to learn how to care for her properly. Here is a list of foods not…


The Stand Aloners

To contradict accepted beliefs or official propaganda is to stand alone, totalitarianism goes after the thinkers, intellectuals and journalists first. It is estimated that 300 journalists in Russia have been murdered or…


Mind Reader’s Secret & Trippy Twist at the End–Great Lesson

This vid is so trippy, (2.48 mins) heaps of fun, great twist at the end. SW.  

Congress: More Popular than Gonorrhea, but Less Popular than Lice, Root Canals and Genghis Khan

Washington Times – by Seth McLaughlin A new poll shows that Congress is less popular than carnies (carnival workers), root canals and colonoscopies, but more popular than the ebola virus,…


Last Scene of Fight Club

I saw a very clear vision of the last scene of Fight Club, when Edward Norton is talking to Marla saying, “You met me at a very strange time in…