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Oscar’s Teddy Bear in Hot water

The Oscar’s Teddy bear was accused of being Anti-Semitic for talking about the Jews in Hollywood. The show was written by the Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane. I’m sure people…


Never Go to Belgium, Well… Not Too Often

I say jokingly in my books “Never Go To Belgium” it was because I knew of a load of Neo-Nazis from there, they kind of warped my opinion of the…


Dog Bops To The Guitar Man Video

Dog’s are so clever… Please don’t stop the music! (vid 1.22 mins)


Walmart has Horse Meat for You

Walmart’s British Supermarket Arm Finds Horse DNA In Bolognese Sauce, Pulls Products LONDON, Feb 14 (Reuters) – Wal-Mart Stores Inc’s British supermarket arm, Asda, said on Thursday it had discovered…


To the Shops with the Dog

I popped to the shops for a copy of the Financial Times. The shopkeeper said, “What’s you’re name?” The Dog said, “They call me ‘the dog’ I look after the…


United Airlines Stock Loses Millions on You Tube Song

United Airlines customer, Dave Carroll, witnessed baggage handlers throwing his $3,500 Taylor guitar. When Carroll finally reached his destination he opened his guitar case to find the guitar had been…

Rusty Refrigerator

Fridge Gone Missing in Outback Australia

A friend of mine was invited to live and work in a remote Aboriginal community in Australia, home to one of the oldest living culture in the world.  The community…

The Maxtix

What People Believe is Vital to their Karma

By Stuart Wilde Morpheus says to Neo in the Matrix film, you can take the red pill and see how far the rabbit hole goes, or you can take the…

The Stag

Strange Tales

Sometimes I’d sit in the Dog & Duck for hours and tell stories, true stories of strange happenings; quirky stories to make people laugh. I’ll enjoy telling my stories here…