Category: Alternative Thinking

Outside the Panic Room

The alternative media keeps us abreast with news that the mainstream won’t touch. They like to coat things with a rosy hue, pretending nothing is wrong. I look at people in the street and in the supermarket, and I know

The Restoration: All Evil Shed Away

It is Easter Sunday, after weeks of rain and snow, a small sun crept through my curtains to welcome my day. In the village, the bells of the little Norman church rang out celebrating the ascension of their God, as

Victory In Sight (Video)

  One our readers Cameron Roy made a cool video ….(9.53 mins) it’s a collage of spiritual ideas and messages, the music is very cool. Stuart Wilde

A Warrior’s Creed

Anonymous Samurai song – 14th century I have no parents: I make the heaven and earth my parents. I have no home: I make awareness my home. I have no life and death: I make the tides of breathing my

God Rot Our King Video

The God Rot our King song/anthem I wrote is now up ….the choir sounds good. The choir and the musicians preferred to remain anonymous so that is why there are no credits. You Tube may ban it so clicketh right