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New Day Dawning (image

The Restoration: All Evil Shed Away

It is Easter Sunday, after weeks of rain and snow, a small sun crept through my curtains to welcome my day. In the village, the bells of the little Norman…


Victory In Sight (Video)

  One our readers Cameron Roy made a cool video ….(9.53 mins) it’s a collage of spiritual ideas and messages, the music is very cool. Stuart Wilde

A Warrior’s Creed

Anonymous Samurai song – 14th century I have no parents: I make the heaven and earth my parents. I have no home: I make awareness my home. I have no…


God Rot Our King Video

The God Rot our King song/anthem I wrote is now up ….the choir sounds good. The choir and the musicians preferred to remain anonymous so that is why there are…


We Didn’t Own an iPad: Reworked Billy Joel Song Goes Viral on YouTube

A song revisiting the ’70s and ’80s has gone viral. ‘We Didn’t Own an iPad’, taking the tune from Billy Joel’s ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’, was produced after YouTube…


The Wilde Weekly: Infinite Self – Reclaiming Your Inner Power

The Wilde Weekly: Infinite Self – Reclaiming Your Inner Power is at:


Pub Talk

I popped into the pub (the Dog & Duck) for a drink. Some villains were talking in loud voices. One said he made £11,000 last week, and another complained that…


Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes for St. Patrick’s Day

God bless the Irish on St. Patrick’s Day …Stuart Wilde There’s eating and drinking in them – Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone  Source: Terisina Fitzpatrick, The Mayo News Who would have…


Icke on British Breakfast Show

The interviewers actually listen to Icke and his theory of awareness. Very Interesting, the world is changing. (10.58 mins) SW

New Pope