The Secrets of Life

The Secrets of Life
By Stuart Wilde

Hay House. 160 pages. $8.95.
ISBN 1-4019-0736-9

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The thoughts and ideas in this book form the basis of Stuart Wilde’s philosophy on how to develop a more liberated mind-set and thus, a more carefree and delightful life. The thoughts and essays are from his best-selling books as well as his unpublished writings.

You can just open the book anywhere and start reading. Usually you’ll find that the first few pages you read will feature some helpful hints that are very relevant to some aspect of your current life—somehow synchronicity will always lead you to exactly what you need to know. So if you want your spiritual concepts “short and sweet,” then this book will suit you perfectly. As Stuart says, “Any philosophy that you can’t haul down to the bank or up to the airport ain’t worth having!