Etruscan Healing

Stuart Wilde Etruscan Healing Meditation
{24 minute mp3 download.}

The sages of 2500 years ago in China, the Plum Sages, would meet at the time of the winter solstice (December 21-23) to do a three-day plum wine fast, taking a small shot of wine every four hours with a litre of water and no food.

And as they observed this discipline, they would tap on their dining room tables for seventy-two hours non-stop.

We re-enact this sacred ceremony each year with thirty-three people at a large farm house in Tuscany at the former Etruscan capital, Volterra.

In this way, we evoke the guidance and healing of the Sacred Beings that we have seen in vision in the city square of the ancient Tuscan town, and we call upon the ancient power of the Plum Sages to be our teachers.

Here is a twenty-four minute tapping meditation that we recorded in December as a download. It is really mesmerizing. It evokes serenity and bliss.

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Stuart Wilde Etruscan Healing Meditation
{24 minute mp3 download.}

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