The Messiah’s New Brightness

In the inner worlds viewed by us in trance, we see a vast, eternal, multi-dimensional hyper-verse. What the visionaries that post here and I see, varies slightly depending on which of us is watching, but the overall shape, form, and topography of those inner dimensions (what they look and feel like), is always the same no matter who views them. They are real and anyone can train to see them.

Recently, we have seen a new brightness, the celestial light flashes with an ever greater intensity. Sometimes we can watch it for hours. The light goes out into the world and changes it, it seems to latch onto people’s souls and it helps them heal and see more, though I don’t see exactly how the method works, it is beyond my ken; way too complicated and technical to understand.

One night recently, I saw the Messiah light for four hours. It was very beautiful; the most intense set of visions I have had in the last twenty years.

The Messiah light is more complex than the Jesus Light, which I have seen many times in the past, as the Messiah is the redeemer for many religions not just the Christians, and he is the redeemer for Gaia and the animals. They have to be rescued as well. In the light I could see the redeemer’s extraordinary kindness, his love of humanity, his link to Gaia and the animals and his personal sacrifice.

The Messiah light flashes purple, blue and gold in many directions at once, there are diamonds in it as bright as little stars, after a while they became so bright I found them hard to look at, the luminosity hurt my eyes.

And I saw the spirit of Gaia come out of the Messiah light and from her came the light of the eternal Tao, which I saw as variations of the brightness formed of intense colors and striations of the God Force; Gaia’s power was expressed as a vast spiritual identity that seemed like a nature spirit. Taoist writers claimed that the Tao is the light in all things, from what was shown to me they were correct.

I saw Gaia expressed in oblong boxes, golden lines and intricate geometries that had mountains, trees, flowers and birds in them. It was stunning in its delicate loveliness—golden beyond golden. I was under the canopy of God’s golden sky, one laced in silver and purple, and a thousand flashing diamonds, and in all that was her love and the souls or spirits of all the little creatures of the earth. I felt very honored in the way it graciously showed me the power of the celestial by allowing me to understand it better and look deep inside its very essence—blessed really blessed.

I saw also Gandhi in the light. I was moved at the sight of him, that I could achieve his tolerance, it was most extraordinary. He was very humble and jolly brave and selfless.

I also saw how the Messiah light is in all of us and I was shown how it is linked to the Lion of Judah. The lion in the inner worlds is a real being he’s mentioned in the Book of Revelation, but it is also a symbol of a power that destroys the dark. He represents retribution. So it is a way of saying the light of the lion fights the dark in your soul and transmutes it.

Two of my friends that were with me saw the light flashing for over twenty-four hours both with eyes open or shut. So while the Returned Jesus story I have been watching in the Aluna is definitely linked to a person, a human embodiment of the light, a custodian say, it is also the greater manifestation of the Christ Consciousness in each and everyone of us, which acts as a massive, sudden upgrade, latching on to the light you already have as an extra download from the inner worlds.

The light can be instigated in anyone. You just have to call upon it and pray for it and sit still and breath it in. And people that are soft and pure that have processed themselves and their shadow traits can express that extra light outwards to others who may also start to see the light.

The power of the Messiah is transformational, beyond the mind and religious concepts, it’s a new brightness, ‘a human collective of light’ in the sea of insanity that surrounds us. I see it as our final rescue. (sw)

© Stuart Wilde 2013


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