UFO Disinformation–Sylvia Browne

I saw a massive UFO in the Inner World the size of a blimp. It was stationary, hovering over a school playground where the kids looked between 5 and 7-years-old. The UFOs fire degradation via mental telepathy, so they are pre-programming the kids into sex slavery and later deviations. Pedophilia and UFOs are very closely linked; men that have never had any of those thoughts can suddenly find themselves obsessed by them. You have to remain pure to stay safe.

Sylvia Browne & Montel

The UFO disinformation system is so deep and prevalent we can never really break it down. In this video below, psychic and author Sylvia Browne tells a guest on the Montel show that UFOs are not demonic. She suggests that they mean no harm and are just here to see how we are taking care of the planet. Farming inspectors, yeah yeah!  I met Sylvia once, she was not inclined to talk to me, she looked down her nose at me and turned away, which might have been a good thing. Tee hee. I felt sorry for her. She’s disabled in a wheelchair, her minders plonk her on a seat, then they take the wheelchair away so know one realizes.

Scroll to 2.30 mins for Sylvia’s UFO drivel….I don’t think the real truth of the phony aliens will ever get on TV.
Stuart Wilde www.stuartwilde.com

Disclose.tvAliens Caught on Tape! Aired on Montell Williams Confirmed by Sylvia Browne – UFO sighting

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