Time with the Visions in Vision Land

Hairy-Scary, We need the Virgin Mary !

The main theme this last week has been the Queen and her husband pictured here; something may happen soon as I see them many times a day. A document will come out about the murder of Diana and Dodi. It’s in a safe in a grand house, behind a painting of a man in a chair with a high back, with two or three women behind him.

The California earthquake visions have come back, but I’m done predicting earthquakes as I have gotten it wrong in the past.

Levitation visions have been hot and heavy. I saw a large rock levitating, travelling past the window of a house that was in the countryside. And I saw Jesus by some wide stairs in a city street. There was a small basket of flowers at his feet. A girl came along and jumped in the air and she levitated up the stairs effortlessly. It was very interesting to watch.

I’ve also seen 60 other Jesus visions in the last 10 days or so. There are vortices in our world that lead to another dimension, a celestial one. I call them the Tolemac arches. If you were to walk through one, you would disappear. I’ve seen that happen before, then the person came back minutes later. I travel around to where the arches are and say prayers and try to keep them ghoul free. I’ve seen Jesus moving in on them after I leave, as if to say, “I’m here—sorted”. There is one near the Broadway Tower, Worcestershire, England. I saw Jesus there 40-60 feet high watching over the anomaly.

There is a big war against the UFOs right now; they are transdimensional beings from the hell worlds, many visions have come in about that punch up. I saw a giraffe, which is a symbol of Jesus because Jesus is very tall, and so the giraffe is the only animal he could ride in this world. So it’s the giraffe that carries him in the inner worlds.

The symbol of the UFOs is the fox. If you see it in visions be careful. I saw the giraffe with a weathervane in its mouth like this one here. At the top of the weathervane there is a cut out image of a fox. The giraffe had the fox in its mouth with the north, south, east, and west arms of the weather vane dangled down. I felt the vision said that once the UFOs are substantially wrapped up, we’d have a more clear idea of what direction to follow (which was 3 weeks to go). The dark forces fire a black cloud that corrupts information and it makes one feel bleak and unwell. That will end soon.

I saw Gandhi with a Buddhist rattle like this one. The Buddhists and the Hindus are very closely linked in the inner worlds. The Hindus are the fighting gods and Buddha is more the serenity and peace that follows once the war is over.


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