The Tao Philosophy of Detachment

The Taoist philosophy aligns to the spirit of nature and its purity.

When I first started my journey I studied with a Taoist teacher. He emphasized the central Taoist philosophy of detachment, which he said was achieved by emotional discipline, calm, meditation, and a comprehension that the world of people’s egos takes to many torments and half truths, and so backing away you stay safe, and you can still respect people by allowing them to do whatever they want to do.

Love is letting people go.

By pulling out of their emotion you can be there for people from a higher perspective. You walk by the banks of the Tao in an eternal calm, so your strength builds, you grow spiritually. And you learn to detach from your emotions and see them in a proper light. It is important to be able to laugh at yourself and keep an open mind about things.

The Tao is very beautiful the more you enter into the Tao and Gaia the more free you become. This is such a simple truth in this. Stuart Wilde

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