The Bag Men for Obama’s Mafia

Here are the Boston bag men… 

and here is the bag…

and here is the Moslem patsy with the small grey/white bag… and here he is leaving once the bag has been photoshopped out of the pic…

Here is the vid that shows the photoshop work in fine details. The bag is taken out of the picture so the authorities can say he dropped it, so it could turn from white to black and explode.

Disclose.tvProof – Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Back-Pack was photo-shopped out?


Here is a photoshopped picture of the four fake bombers on 7/7 in London where the man at the back has his arm on the railing. The picture purported to show the four bombers arriving to catch a train at Luton station which was cancelled. When the authorities fake the evidence they tend to mess it up. But no one cares to fix it. Well not yet. Stuart Wilde

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