Remote Viewing

Source: Susan Harper ToddWake Up World

Several years ago now I began practising Remote Viewing. I can’t remember now how I first came across it, but the moment I stumbled across a website which talked about Remote Viewing and how to do it, I wanted to try it. When I did, I found it was something that I have the ability to do and so I have kept practising. I know that our gifts are there to be used and nurtured – they are showing us what we are here to do. It is our intuition’s way of leading us to the life we were born to lead.

Remote Viewing is something we all have the ability to do – for we are multi-dimensional beings. Remote Viewing is moving our consciousness from one location (our immediate surroundings) to another (remote) location. It is using our consciousness to see something that we cannot see with our physical eyes – in other words it is demonstrating the non-local nature of consciousness. It could also be described as using our third eye.

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The Agua Sulis Stone
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