Phoney Alien Threat

Reagan at UN, Alien Threat Speech

The myth of solid aliens and solid UFOs has been engineered by the US government to hide activity at places like Area 51. It is also part of a vague plan to stage a fake alien invasion using laser technology and IT gimmicks to con people into believing that a vast flotilla of UFOs has arrived to attack the world. The purpose, of course, is to establish a global government and a New World Order by way of fear. Both Henry Kissinger and Ronald Reagan talked about a possible alien invasion, here is Reagan’s famous alien threat speech (29 seconds).  It’s all nonsense… misinformation… see below…

The way they make a myth real is to pretend it is part of a cover up, like how the government pretended to cover up the Roswell crash to make it ever more real in people’s minds… or the whistleblower who is in danger because he talked about 6 foot aliens in an underground base at Dulce, New Mexico. Or the information is planted by a stooge like Bob Lazar, who said he worked at Groom Lake, NV, back-engineering UFO flight systems from captured UFOs.

The UFOs are very dangerous. Steven Spielberg’s film, ET, conned kids into thinking the ETs were kind and well-meaning, and then a million buggy-eyed Greys were suddenly on posters in children’s bedrooms. Each poster is a portal to the hell worlds. The UFOs are non-solid devil beings that can morph and fly. They are linked to sexual degradation, as they seek the heat from that. In the hell worlds there are vast mechanical cities; the Greys are manufactured drones that come from those cities and UFOs are birthed up a tube that is behind you at 240 degrees round a compass which comes up through the ground.

A solid alien attack will never happen, but the non-solid threat is very real. The UFOs can talk to a human mind without a person deciphering whether or not the thoughts are his or her own. They seek control and domination. They are linked very closely to pedophilia and the controlling elite. In fact, I’d say the whole of the global elite has been abducted by the UFOs without anyone knowing it, which is why they are so ego-centric, cold and cruel.

There is a huge war against the UFOs right now in the Inner Worlds as the celestial forces attempt to rub them out. We’ll see what happens as the UFO visions I see are coming in hot and heavy right now. Stuart Wilde

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