Outside the Panic Room

The alternative media keeps us abreast with news that the mainstream won’t touch. They like to coat things with a rosy hue, pretending nothing is wrong. I look at people in the street and in the supermarket, and I know they don’t know. Humans are in trance, but it’s better that way, it’s more kind, sedation keeps society calm, we need that.

David Icke says people need to wake up, I understand what he means, but that’s the last thing we want. Sure, if people became more conscious and aware and more loving that would help us all, but if society really woke up on “en masse” all on the same day there would be mass hysteria and panic.

Panic comes from sudden surprises, but if you know what’s about to happen and you are aware, you won’t need to panic you will be prepared and you’ll act calmly.

“Travel placidly amid the waste…” as the Desiderata doesn’t quite say.

When I stand by my bed in the morning, my first experience is of feeling as if I am sixty feet high, this happens almost every day. It lasts a few minutes. All it means is we are bigger than this tick-tock 3-D world, it acts as a reminder. Through the spiritual journey, introspection and calm, you grown beyond your traits and difficulties, you enter into the realm of a super knowing, you stand on the other side of any potential cataclysm. You are eternal.

Zen in the art of not panicking is to become calm years before anything happens. You are strong and brave you can thrive no matter what. Stuart Wilde www.stuartwilde.com 

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