Motorist Throws Parking Ticket at Cop, Fined £840 for Littering

Motorist Timothy Sawyer

Britain is a nightmare hell of rules and surveillance cameras and fines and nerds from the local council that can order you not to paint your front door red etc. On a car journey of ten minutes, the speed limit can change 5 times and they are very sneaky as they don’t often put up signs telling you what the limit is. Without a GPS, you can break the law many times a day. I got fined the equivalent of $130 for being two minutes late on a parking meter. I went into a shop to get some change for the meter.

Motorist Timothy Sawyer got angry and threw his parking ticket on the ground, he was fined £840 for littering. See article below.

In the olden days, you could be banished to Australia for stealing a loaf of bread, nothing has changed, the system is predatory, cruel and heartless. It milks people to sustain itself and its importance. The British are ground down by the criminals in power, who hide behind a feigned “reasonableness” of logic and rules, millions of laws and rules. On top of British rules there are millions of European rules. The EU passed a law prohibiting bent bananas. If you wave a bent banana at a policeman and you tell him to stick it up his wot not, you can be nicked twice, offensive behaviour and the bent banana law.

I saw a vision of Britain two days ago, I was hovering high above the French coast, the whole of Britain tilted backwards and then it went deep black. It had gone fascist. Sad. The forces of retribution will have to come and rub this lot out and give us back Merry England. Nice. And Mr. Sawyer can have his £840 back with interest.  Stuart Wilde

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