Mirror-World Universe Close to Confirmation

I said years ago that there is a Mirror-World opposite to our 3-D world. Later, writers like Khris Krepcik and others that can see the inner worlds, all confirmed they saw the same thing. It exactly reflects our reality. If there is an Eiffel Tower here, there is one in there. All humans have an identity in the Mirror World, and so they all have a Mirror World double.

The Milky Way (image www.astro.wisc.edu)

Astronomers believe they have discovered a Mirror World version of the Milky Way, a shadow version they call it, which may be a part of a Mirror-World Universe. If it is proved correct, as I’m sure it will be, it will be the first scientific proof that my Mirror-World teachings are correct. I’m very happy about this development. Stuart Wilde www.stuartwilde.com


Twist in dark matter tale hints at shadow Milky Way


Source: www.newscientist.com

11 April 2013 by Lisa Grossman

THE HUNT for some of the most wanted stuff in the universe took a new twist this week with the first results from a high-profile, space-based dark matter detector. The results are inconclusive, but, if combined with recent theory, they hint at something exciting. Could the universe have a dark side, complete with its own force, a zoo of particles and even a shadow version of the Milky Way?

“There could be a mirror world where interesting things are going on,” says James Bullock of the University of California at Irvine, who has been working on the idea of a “dark sector” for a while. “It means nature is much richer than we would otherwise know,” he says.

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