Metaphysical Techniques on Pain

I offer you my divinity, my love, my courage - SW

Pain often comes from the inner worlds. It is fired by the ghouls; I know this by watching them. If I feel a sharp, unexplained pain in my shoulder, I can often look to my left and see the devil that is firing it.

Often I’d let the ghoul continue to fire the pain so I could precisely confirm it was from that source. Then I would rub out the ghoul by firing a purple fractal dot from my fingers and the pain would stop. I have done this experiment many hundreds of times.

Emotional pain comes from contradictions of the ego, which may hold one opinion only to find life arrives from the opposite tangent. Those contradictions can cause you anger and emotional turmoil. The trick is to detach and accept life as you find it.

Physical pain can be medical, but often there is no logical explanation and then it’s down to the ghouls. The trick is to suffer in silence; this is very important. If you whinge and moan and talk about your discomfort it brings in the ghouls evermore, it encourages them as they feel you are emotionally weak and that they have the upper hand. So silence is very important. Rub lavender oil on your skin over where the pain is, this often works instantly. We also use the prayer card as this seems to have a quick beneficial effect.

Then say to your pain “I offer you my divinity, my love, my courage, I offer you my compassion.” It doesn’t matter if you don’t have all these qualities in full because you are offering what you have, just as a poor peasant might offer a very simple meal in a tin bowl.

By offering your god-like qualities you disarm the ghouls and they get frightened and they go away to torment another. This trick works.

The pain you suffer is your karma, and it is hopeless to moan and struggle against it. You have to accept that it comes out of your darkness and the arrogance of your ego, but you can work to fix it gradually. So there is hope. Blow love at people that you would normally be antagonistic towards, and blow love at nature. Call in the sacred animals to ease your suffering. The four that deal with pain are the lion, the wolf, the bear and the dogs. These animals offer protection, so they can beat the ghoul pain out of your body. Stuart Wilde (



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