Killing The Dragon

By Stuart Wilde:

As Tuesday is St. George’s day, I thought I’d retell my story of the killing of a dragon.


The dragons are king of the reptiles. They are very real in the hell worlds. The one that attacked a friend of mine was 150 feet long from head-to-tail, it stood about 30 feet high, and its hide was a foot thick. I fired a purple fractal code at it, but it made no difference, and I fought it for days with no success. It would bear down on me and snarl; it looked exactly like this one pictured above. My friend made a fortress around herself of teddy bears, and she put pictures up of human Aluna fighters, people who fight in the hell worlds; after that, the dragon backed off a bit.

Then I got a child’s rubber ball from a toyshop, and I held it with me for three days. In my mind’s eye, through visualization and prayer and special codes, I made it into a grenade. I gave it to my friend. The dragon always attacked with its mouth open. I told her to toss the ball in its mouth the next time it came close. She did that. She was brave. It exploded and it set the dragon on fire internally. The dragon burned for two months and then it died.

Artist Impression of Two Branes (image

There are millions of ghouls inside the dragons, and inside them are dimensional branes that house other hell worlds that we can’t normally see. In those brane worlds there are vast mechanical cities that stretch further than the eye can see. They are ten times bigger than Los Angeles, say, when viewed from above.

There were several cities we saw inside that one dragon. In those mechanical cities are buildings and structures and places where they manufacture drones, like the buggy-eyed Greys, or the metal beings that I call the “Clunkers”.  And there are mechanisms in those cities whereby they fire evil pulses at the earth and perhaps other places, I don’t know. I’ve only seen the earth-bound ones, which look like vast clouds (waves) of black dust.

The vastness of the collective evil inside the one dragon is explained by the fact that the dragon is an inverted dimension of its own, meaning it is bigger on the inside than the outside. The inside could span the equivalent of a million miles in every direction, while the outside is only 150 feet in length. Humans are small but the eternity inside us is vast. It’s the same inverted dimension.

The branes, which are like dimensional sheets, started to fall over as the dragon burned, and as they did they knocked against the next brane until it caught light and fell. They fell like dominoes, but slowly, one toppling every 15-20 minutes day-in and day-out, for those two months. There were even smaller dragons inside the bigger one that perished in the fire. So that is the story of how my friend and I rubbed out the dragon, though it do take two months as said.

After the death of the dragon, I was given a cape in the Inner Worlds. Here’s what I wrote about it, “I saw vision of a sacred lake. I was under a portico looking out at it; it was very lush, there was table there, and on it was a tapestry like a thick blanket that had the cross of St. George on it. A being came and put it around my shoulders.” I was very honoured, I did not expect it.

I don’t know how many dragons there are in the hell worlds but I’ve seen many, 50-60 maybe, over a period of twelve years. But this one I have described here was the only one I’ve ever tackled face-to-face. The others kept away. Stuart Wilde

P.S.  You might imagine all this is a flight of fancy or imagination, like actions in a dream world, but that is not so. It’s all very real. If you get hit by a pulse from the Inner World ghouls, the pain in your body here is excruciating. It can drop you to your knees. It’s just like in the Matrix film when Neo was being beaten up by Mr. Smith on earth, his body shuddered and bled in his seat back on Morpheus’ craft. That was a very accurate depiction of the real thing. SW

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