Iran Attack …Snoredom–Update

Politics is jolly boring but the Iran thing is important as it could plunge the world into economic collapse. Obama is not up for bombing Iran, so he gave…sold, they say, the Israeli’s some KC-135 refuelling planes along with some V22 Osprey so the Israelis can refuel coming back from Tehran.

V22 Osprey. It's hard to know what the Jews will do with these, but never mind eh? Maybe they're for delivering sandwiches...

When the Israeli Air Force returns they’ll find Israel destroyed, as Russia has offered to nuke Israel if they make the attack, and Iran has 10,000 missiles. So we are looking at the potential of World War III. You’d imagine the Israeli leaders may not be quite that insane, but you could be well be wrong.  I reckon they will attack eventually as they are backing themselves into a corner.

Ego trips and feigned specialness offer one the illusion nothing can go wrong.

If Israel is destroyed we’ll have world peace in the end, as all the wars are about them and for them, but it may be a bit tragic. The American media will go nuts, and 500 American politicians that live on Israeli bribes will be livid. But the 7 billion people of the world that have no interest in the Jews or the fake Moslem threat, will eventually be set free of a terrible war curse; albeit it in very impoverished circumstances, as oil may go to $300-$1000 a barrel.

The world is deeply demonically possessed. The Zionist Jews may destroy the world while destroying themselves. Maybe the Forces of Light will come in, and everyone will get a big dose of how to be sensible. Stuart Wilde

Israel Planning World War

Amos Yadlin, former director of military intelligence. Peachy Keen to Bomb Iran (photo credit: Gideon Markowicz/Flash90)

Source The Times of israel

“The possibility of an Israeli strike on Iran gained additional traction on Monday, when US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon announced in Tel Aviv an unprecedented US sale of advanced military equipment to Israel, including radar systems, missiles, refuelling planes and V-22 planes, which would greatly increase the IAF’s capacity to carry out a long-range attack.”



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