Guccifer–King or Queen of the Hackers?

The hacker called Guccifer has won a lot of admirers. He/she hacked Hillary Clinton’s email and George Bush’s and now he/she has got Tony Blair right between the eyes. It seems Blair is a part of the occult Satanic goings-on of the elite at Bohemian Grove. I was always knew the spiritual runt, Blair, was a type of black magician, Guccifer has proved it.

Guccifer is a single-handed Wikileaks, brave and true. He or she is going to sink the Fat-Arse’d Controllers, one after the next. Pray for his or her soul. He/she shows the way through such bravery.

Satanic Blair Story:

The work of the group called Anonymous is also now world famous. They hack oppressive regimes and the alphabet agencies CIA, NSA, MI5 and Mossad. Yesterday they took over N.Korean propaganda sites. They declared a full-on cyber war against Indonesia for human rights violations, and they attack Israel because of the Jewish murders of unarmed children, and Palestinian farmers in the fields (see article below). Anonymous originally began by hacking the Church of Scientology but they have gone on to greater things.

Their motto says: “We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us”.

It is amazing how people all over the world fight for freedom in different ways. The Anonymous site is:

Cyber Attack

The greatest hack is still to come:  

The greatest hacks of all time are still to come, it’s a digital celestial hack of the TV stations. Programs will be inserted and broadcast, The True Story of 911, the Life and Times of Human Reptiles, The Criminal Activity of the Federal Reserve, The Illegal Theft of Human Hope…How the Elite were Crushed and Died, How to Boil an Egg without Water….just kiddin’ etc. Stuart Wilde

P.S. How you boil an egg without water is gaffer tape it to the engine of your car. It’s a bit slower than normal, but once you’ve driven around for a bit, the egg’s perfect.


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