God Rot Our King ….Donations, Thank you all

I asked a few of you to click the “God Rot…” video and it went past 2222 in one day, which is what I needed, and on it went to 13,000 views, though the You Tube clicker has not caught up to say so.

THANK YOU all very much for your efforts. This is the link to the vid


My blessed PR man Ryan just fired it to 600 sites, should be funny to see how they react.

Chillin' Wid the Willing

Donations: And there has been a sudden upsurge in donations, I’m truly moved. In my books I say if you see a penny on the street, pick it up, never tell the Universe at Large you are too grand for money, and I feel the same about the donations. I’m really moved by people’s kindness, when a person sends me $5 or $500 as some generously do, each transaction touches me. Last month March, was the first time in fifteen years that stuartwilde.com paid its bills from cash flow and turned a small profit.

We are round the corner, a great new rose-colored dawn is coming over us, things that were not possible because of the dark are becoming possible now. I’ll write about it, there is a new abundance. Jesus was at a table handing out bread loaves, once the dark dies, abundance will flow ever more. Love, love Stuie W. www.stuarwtilde.com









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