Feds Desperate …Hitting Gold and Silver

Countries round the world are dumping the dollar in thier bilateral trade with each other. Australia has just agreed to deal with China in their own two currencies. Here below is an article on it. The Feds are hitting gold and silver in desperation trying to hold the value of the dollar up a bit longer.

Below is a post from Jim Sinclair the gold guru that explains the hit on the metals and why it won’t work long term. The reign of the Federal Reserve will soon come to a close. Not tomorrow but in the next few years. Once the shysters at the Federal Reserve go down, the world will become more free. They have stolen so much money from humanity manipulating markets to keep their Ponzi con going. They are a pox on humanity. Time’s up. Stuart Wilde www.stuartwilde.com


From Jim Sinclair the Gold Guru … Courtesy of KingWorldNews.com

My Dear Extended Family,  Today a former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury warned King World News that the Federal Reserve’s recent market interventions are a clear sign that there is something desperate going on behind the scenes.  Former Assistant of the US Treasury, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, also cautioned KWN that the Fed is trying to maintain control so the whole scheme doesn’t blow up.  Below is what Dr. Roberts had to say in the first part of two extraordinary interviews which will be released today.

Dr. Roberts: “As I have explained, the orchestrated move against gold and silver is to protect the exchange value of the US dollar.  The Federal Reserve is creating one trillion new dollars per year, but the world is moving away from the use of the dollar for international payments and, thus, as a reserve currency.

The result is an increase in supply and a decrease in demand.  That means a falling price.  The orchestration against bullion cannot ultimately succeed.  It is designed to gain time for the Federal Reserve to be able to continue financing the federal budget deficit by printing money and also to keep interest rates low and debt prices high in order to support the banks’ balance sheets.

When the Federal Reserve can no longer print due to dollar collapse which printing would make worse, bank deposits and pensions will be grabbed in order to finance the deficit….

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