Break Free of the Matrix

Humans are spiritually born free, but in the global Matrix net, we suffer at the hands of the Fat Controllers. They bleed us dry and create fear, while they tap our phones, hack our computers and watch over us with a million cameras. Meanwhile, they legislate endlessly to impede every commercial activity, while feeding themselves and their importance.

We have a spiritual duty to try and break free.

To do that you have to go beyond fear, or you have to at least accommodate fear and agree to be a bit scared for now, and eventually go beyond it. It must not dominate.

I can watch the inner world ghouls fire “fear hits” at us, they come in as black spikes that I see sticking out of people’s bodies as they walk up the street. It’s very cruel.

So much of the fear you experience isn’t yours. Once you learn that, you can get on top of it more readily. If you are suddenly scared ask yourself, is this me? If there is no logic to it, then it’s a fear hit from the ghouls. Dismiss it.

The Matrix is frenetic, neurotic, and full of fear and pain, that is it’s control mechanism. To spin away and be different and eventually escape, you have be centered and develop a deep calm.


Meditation helps you develop deep calm, as it shows you things about you and the situations around you. Calm comes from detachment, detachment is not indifference, it is just observation without emotion.

You have to embrace the philosophy of ‘live and let live’, or you’ll get sucked into the Matrix response of indignation, and other people’s stuff. Indignation is one way it locks you down and traps you in the emotion of things you usually can’t fix.

Time alone is vital, and so is silence and time in nature.

And at night in bed, blow love to everyone you have met in the day, this helps remove their codes (fractal tubes) that they have latched on to you. It’s important to remove their influence before you sleep at night, or they’ll suck you back into the Matrix. You’ll dream their fears and wants.

Angels are humans that broke free of the Matrix; let’s go for it. Stuart Wilde (


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