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There has been a DHS insider saying on Canada Free Press that there is a take down of the dollar planned and that it would begin by the end of March–mid April with a dip in the metals. I don’t usually post those kinds of articles as one never knows what is true or false information being fed into the system.

But now that the metals have been whacked by Bernanke and the Screws-That-Be, maybe it’s worth noting what the insider says. It’s a bit of doom and gloom, but it might be interesting to watch and see if anymore of his predictions unfold. He says the Kenyan, Obama, is an intelligence asset that was maneuvered into power to bring America down and establish Martial Law.  Stuart Wilde



The latest from “DHS Insider”

The last update from DHS insider said things would be begin to break down around the spring time frame. The next economic shock was coming. He didn’t know exactly when but a source told him the metals would be taken down in advance of that event. Are we getting close?

DH: How soon do you see things taking place?

RB: They already are in motion. If you’re looking for a date I can’t tell you. Remember, the objectives are the same, but plans, well, they adapt. They exploit. Watch how this fiscal cliff thing plays out. This is the run-up to the next big economic event.

I can’t give you a date. I can tell you to watch things this spring. Start with the inauguration and go from there. Watch the metals, when they dip. It will be a good indication that things are about to happen. I got that little tidbit from my friend at [REDACTED].

Here is the series from DHS insider where he lays it out pretty clearl:

The latest from “DHS Insider”

More from DHS Insider

DHS Insider: Obama’s cyber warriors & preparing for collapse

And I forgot about this update after his update mentioning to “watch the metals”

DHS Insider update: It has begun

Maguire – Over 500 Tons Of Paper Gold Sold In Takedown

Whistleblower Andrew Maguire told King World News that more than a stunning 500 tons of paper gold has been sold in today’s takedown in the gold market. Maguire also spoke to KWN about the staggering Chinese physical gold purchases. Below is what Maguire had to say in this remarkable and exclusive interview.


Eric King: “How much paper gold was sold to take this market down, and how much tonnage have the Chinese and others been taking out of the physical market?”

Maguire: “Just since the cross (today) of $1,550 into the (London) fix and the breach of $1,500, we are now looking at in excess of 500 tons of paper gold that’s been sold….


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