Cracking the Black Egg

The new anthem “God Rot our King” video is doing quite well it’s got to 1698 views. The counter has been stuck for a few days, You Tube messes with things.

You Tube link:


I need it to get to 2222 views. The number of the magical healer is 22 and 101 magical healers comes to 2222. That’s critical mass for me.

If a hundred of you could go and click the anthem a few times in the next day or so, it would be very helpful. I’ll be home free. I play it in the mornings while still in bed, I find it most rousing. People power has received huge reinforcements in the inner worlds, there is a vast light wrapping around us cleaning the blackness by swamping it.

It doesn’t take a sledge hammer to crack the black egg, a pinprick will do. There are so many victories happening in the inner worlds and in here 3-D, I’ll have to do an article on it soon. Stuart Wilde

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