Chariots in the Sky

Police State and Surveillance

Reading the alternative media, there are endless stories of the Police State and surveillance and horrid scary laws and threats of war and so on. The story of the depositors in Cyprus losing their money to pay for the government’s debt to the shylock bankers in NY is astonishing.

There is no compassion for people’s property rights, their fears, their safety and wellbeing. I wonder how these cruel leaders sleep at night with their torture and killings and arrest without trial. They make it right in their minds, all perversions are permitted. It’s zombie sub-humans in power tormenting people.

But it is not hopeless, here is a vision Khris Krepcik ( sent me:

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Dear Stuart,

Last night was pretty full on in the Aluna… many, many visions… not just visions, but actually being in them as real as in 3-D…

Hundreds of people came around and we were watching massive apparitions in the sky… like a giant face of a god like form… which morphed between many faces…

Apparition - A giant face of god-like form

I also saw how the apparitions were being projected from a downward angle from behind the knees and up into the sky… some of the people I knew, but many of them I did not.

And then also saw the four horsemen flying down out of the sky… only it’s like they were chariots…. like each rider was in a chariot with a team of 5 or so horses to each one… they flew across the sky as a massive form and then they rotated down into 3-D on a curved trajectory…. like they flew from left to right across the sky and then curved down to the ground from 45º up-right…

At one point also saw thousands of space ships in the sky… like the star fighter ships from star wars… like a battle in the stars… so reckon this is a UFO war type thing…

It all had a very ‘landing in 3-D’ feeling to it… Hope all is well there… Sincerely, Khris Krepcik

SW: We are not alone help is at hand. Stuart Wilde

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