Assassination Attempt at the White House

I went to a little church to pray on my day off, which might sound odd, but given where the world is today it seemed the only sensible tactic. And anyway, I wanted to go to church to say “thank you,” for all the beautiful things in life.

Associated Press, one of the world’s largest news agencies, reported an assassination attempt at the White House in which Obama was injured. Fifteen minutes later they retracted the story. Press agencies don’t report something serious like this without checking their facts, so they must have been ordered to put out the fake story. Ding!

The backpack that exploded in Boston was black, the same as the ones Navy Seals were carrying.

The backpack of the Moslem patsy they fingered for the job was much smaller and white (see pic below). Oops! Obama has his mammalian glands in the wringer.

Hence the fake assassination story to garner sympathy for him and to add to the overall confusion. Bombing people at a foot race is vile–subhuman. America knows Obama and the powers that be did it. The kid says he’s been set up, and his mum says he’s an FBI asset, that has been in touch with them for several years. The Boston police chief Ed Davis referred to the suspects as “actors” in a Fox interview he gave. (See video below) Stuart Wilde

Israeli doctors came to treat the bomb suspect Ding!

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