Armageddon Wars in the Inner Worlds

Others and myself watch, while in trance, the Armageddon wars in the Inner Worlds. The last few weeks there has been a war against the UFOs. They are dragons with claws that can fly and they morph into various technological shapes to con humans they are from a superior race. A Grey appeared in my room, close to my bed. I went through its eye with the force of my attention, my will, say. It didn’t expect that, behind it was a dragon-like reptile.

As the recent battle started I saw the classic saucers in the sky but later it descended into a fight with the reptiles that exist at a very deep part of hell.  They press against your sternum. Imagine a knuckle pushing hard on your chest bone it hurts a lot. Aspirin helps if you feel that reptile bone-on-bone pain pressing on you.

The ghouls fire a back cloud over us, when that happens it’s very hard to see what’s what. The visions get very mixed up and confused. So I sit very still and wait. The UFOs are messengers of deception, just as the FBI in America is accused of 17 false terrorist attacks that they created themselves, and 911 was a con. That’s the tricky world of the devils that fly about unseen above us.

Flying about doing peek-a-boo with humanity for sixty years is all a control trick. If they were real they would land and ask for something. They are part of the Grand Lies, like the endless false flag attacks the governments run; the UFOs are part of degradation and mind control, firing despair and devil thoughts into decent human minds. They are the reptile force that controls information and feelings without humans ever realizing that they are there. They are part of the arrogance of specialness inside the mindset of the elite.

If you tell people our leaders are driven by telepathy from a Devil force overhead that one can’t see, people would consider you nuts. That’s how clever the trick is… no one will believe the con trick exists. Destroying the UFOs is the only way to destroy the trick and the global mind control mechanism. Once the UFOs go, the elite will be in open ground with no protection. The elite will start to suicide en masse; it will be very interesting to observe.

Right now, if you try and bring down the elite, the UFOs will hurt you as they can fire pain at you, lots of it. When they hit your heart chakra, which is where they attack mostly, it causes excruciating pain, you can’t operate properly for 10-15 minutes, and it brings you to your knees. The pain in your chest is extreme; it makes you burp very long loud burps that hurt when they come out. I call the chakra hits “burp chest.” Your mouth goes very dry and your eyes as well; you need eye drops as the ghouls suck moisture from you attacking your kidneys. A dull ache goes down your arms.

And they can swamp your mind with confusion and contradictions, so they have a lot of power. They fire a dark pulse that is very bleak, so you tend to want to quit. That is the time to dig in and affirm your dignity.

But I see the hits that come in to me as part of the job, and so I stay calm and stand strong. One day I took a chakra hit that lasted six hours, and because I survived that I knew they could never win.  I feel there will be a great victory; the full force of the celestial seems gathered now… there is no way the Light Beings can lose. This journey takes enormous patience.

Goodness will be restored, and love and kindness will be made special once more. Stuart Wilde


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Stuart Wilde (1946 – 2013) is considered by many to be the greatest metaphysical teacher that has ever lived. Most famous New Age, New Thought writers and teachers privately studied with him, or they have been greatly influenced by his work. Read the full Stuart Wilde Bio >