Activists Destroy Surveillance Cameras

Britain is an oppressive state, there are millions of cameras that are looking to fine divers, milking them for minor infractions of the law. The Bedford council have installed Britain’s shortest bus lane just 33 feet long. They are scamming 5000 pounds a month with it.

Click for full size. Bus Lane Scam Mar 13(1)

But people are fighting back there are gangs of likely lads and vigilantes destroying the cameras. People power.

I read a camera costs 30,000 pounds to replace. I don’t know if that is accurate. Sabotage the Matrix whenever you can, but do it silently and quietly and be discreet. If you are going to put Coke Cola in the petrol tanks of police cars, make sure the blokes aren’t sitting in the window of Starbucks watching you do it. Tee… Stuart Wilde 

and in Germany:

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