Abundance and Giving

All we have as humans is what each of us is prepared to give.

Mothers give because they tend to their children from dawn ‘til midnight, and the dads often give as they work selflessly in all weathers to provide for their brood.

As a test, I walked down the high street of a small town blowing love to the passers by and smiling at everyone. One person in fifty nodded. They rest were suspicious, or too obsessed with self to react to another humans’ warmth.

The ego is cold, it takes what it can, the soul is warm and it gives of itself.

In Europe we have say, 100 million bloodsuckers milking the state and loads of bent politicians and criminal business people, and gangs and fraudsters and Mafiosi, and set against that are say, 200,000 nurses and doctors that work tirelessly each day to help people.

When people are self-obsessed and predatory, they take us towards hell and when they are warm and loving and giving of their time, knowledge and money, it carries us up towards the celestial.

When the takers vastly out weighed the givers, governments borrowed billions to inject themselves and the blood suckers with the heroin of free cash, the givers faltered as there were not enough of them and so the societies imploded.

It’s an equation. Giving, taking, heaven, hell.

Ten thousand Greeks are rioting in the street because the heroin drip is being pulled from its socket. They could say, “Thank you so much for our decades of free money and back handers, and our sunny, indolent lifestyle, I think I’ll get a job now and contribute.”

But that is not the ego’s way, takers are often violent, angry people, they feel they are very important, and entitled, givers are peaceful and more selfless.

You can work out which side you fall on. Police your thoughts for a few hours, and try to stay on the warm side of things.  Stuart Wilde (www.stuartwilde.com)


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