The Vow at the Church

St Aldhelm's Church Matravers, Dorset, England

The Tiny Stone Altar

I was off today, nice. I went back to the little 13th Century church at Matravers, Dorset, England. The first record of the church was during the reign of King Henry III (1261–1272). It was there that I first saw a vision of Jesus, six years ago.

He was standing by this small altar pictured here. Outside the church to one side was a woman in blue. She was linked to Jesus, but I never found out who she was. Later, I went back and I saw Jesus again, this time he was standing in the door pictured above. He had a lamb, it was covered in blood, and I felt sad for it. He placed the lamb in my arms and what was weird was, I could feel the weight of the animal as he transferred it to me. He did not speak to explain anything.

There are Only a Few Pews in the Church

The lamb’s function is to absorb the pain of the world (see below), and how it “taketh away the sins of the world” is, it absolves some people and Gaia makes the world clean once more. The lamb is linked to Gaia, the spirit of nature. In the end the earth is hers. The lamb morphs into the Lion of Judah, so it’s not the wimp you might imagine. I don’t know much more about the lamb than this. It’s a touchy subject, one which I’d prefer not to investigate.

So I said my prayers at the church and I vowed to do better and I prayed for the forgiveness of my sins. And I asked Jesus if he wouldn’t mind having the lamb back for a bit, as a lot of the lamb’s pain seems to bounce over to me and I’ve done it 24/7 for six years and I’m a bit cheesed off by it. I don’t understand it properly. It’s been too long.

Then I heard words in my head, I don’t know where they were from, the words said “There is more to do.”

Bloody hell I thought, and I said one more prayer and left. But I felt good. All seemed in divine order. Stuart Wilde

** When  you walk down the main street of a town say, there are black clouds of human pain that stretch up 12-15 feet. If you are sensitive you’ll absorb that cloud and you will feel it as pain in your body. Sometimes the pain is most severe. Shopping is “pain removal therapy” for many people. And that pain is dumped there for others to feel and absorb. I like the little lamb, no disrespect intended, but that was why I was hoping to get shot of it for a bit. Vacuum cleaning pain helps the town feel cleaner and less ghoul infested and brighter, but it’s very ugly and unpleasant as well. To describe the pain cloud as a massive lingering fart is a huge understatement, it’s way more dangerous than that. SW




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